A Guide for Seniors on Taking the Hassle Out of Downsizing

As the number of seniors in America grows, more of them are choosing to downsize for a number of reasons. While this can be a difficult process, there are some ways you can make it less stressful.

Parting With Your Possessions

An integral part of downsizing is cutting down on how many things you’ll be taking with you to your new living space. Some of these tips from My Move can help you sort through your items. It’s advisable for you to start early and enlist the help of friends or loved ones to speed up the process. Since you’re downsizing, there’s not much room for indecision. You’ll have to decide what you’re keeping and letting go. When sorting, keep an eye out for things you can sell or donate as well as those items you can gift to loved ones. It can be tough to sweep through your keepsakes and mementos this way. It’s fine if you take the time to reminisce, but it’s best to only keep your most-cherished items.

Choosing Where to Live

There quite a few housing options available to seniors who are planning to downsize. Which one you choose depends on your healthcare needs, your budget, and what kind of living situation you’re looking for. If you’re interested in aging in place, then consider working with realtors who are trained to find senior-accessible homes. Independent living facilities are excellent places for seniors who want to maintain a certain amount of independence while being a part of a community and having access to helpful services like transportation, meals, and housekeeping. On the other end of the scale are the variety of assisted living facilities available to seniors who are in need of more hands-on medical attention or supervision. These facilities work best for seniors who have difficulty completing daily tasks like cleaning and cooking. The average cost of assisted living in Texas is $3545 per month.

How to Sell Your House Successfully

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to live, you’ll also need to decide what to do with your current house. If you’re looking to sell it, then there are some things you need to know about the process. It’s advisable to hire a real estate agent who has experience working with senior home sellers. Make sure selling your house doesn’t affect important financial aspects of your life like your pension, IRA accounts, or Medicare benefits. You should also research how much you can expect to earn from selling your home (homes in Waxahachie have sold for $234,000 on average over the last 30 days). Before selling your home, it’s best to consult with your financial adviser.

What You’ll Need for a Smooth Move

Moving is easier when you start planning early and enlisting help if you have mobility issues. You should also pack with the floor plan of your new place in mind. It will make the first week of your life in the new place more manageable if you pack a box with essential items. These items may include things like toiletries, snacks, clothing, and medications. It’s also worth considering hiring a senior move manager. These professionals can take care of planning your move from start to finish. They specialize in helping seniors so you can count on them to treat your possessions with care during the packing process.

As a senior, downsizing can be challenging so make sure you start your planning as early as possible and research all your options so you know what works best for you. With an effective plan in place, you can safely enjoy your new home.

Mike Longsdon



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