Interior design, the duplicated or created space, which one do you prefer?

It can become a challenge in hiring professionals to help you create the space or environment of your dreams. The first consideration a lot of people might face are the costs from the services and purchases from a professional. Saving money can be justified if and when you can achieve all the desired outcomes in your plan. In the long run hiring a professional can be the best decision and cost effective if you understand and value what a professional can provide. Even with a conservative budget, good design is possible.

Things to consider, are you willing to pay someone to help you when you feel you have a good eye for color and you can get a discount at a certain store? What people don't realize is that when hiring a professional, you are hiring a person that not only has talent, creativity, but also academic design training and experience than goes beyond picking paint chips and furniture at a store.

Now, let's look at the differences of a duplicated space and a created one. A duplicated space is what you see, you will get. You copy a picture, a layout you see in a store or magazine, or on an idea from a do it yourself program, which usually follows the latest trend or what is on sale. You basically work on your own to gather, place, install, select and pull together what you might feel fits and what you like. A created space has more depth, more thought, appeal, integration and science behind it.

A good interior designer has the God given talent and passion that they are born with and polish these talents and passion with formal training and experience. They are equipped to handle art and science that is the foundation behind any created room. They learn so much more than how to look at colors on a color wheel. It goes beyond the scope of picking matching colors or a certain theme. A trained professional captures your needs, your moods, your expectations and energy. It is not just about looks, but about the ambiance and feelings that are generated in the space. These are conveyed in a story that is created, edited and executed. The principals of design are vital to the scheme of things which include emphasis, balance and alignment, contrast, repetition, proportion, movement and white space.

To simplify these elements, the principals of design are integrated into the space planning, furniture selection, making references to the history of design and architecture, environmental psychology and color, concepts and correct correlations for accessories, art, materials, lighting (artificial and natural), focal points, heating and cooling systems and various other mechanical components, sound proofing, traffic patterns, use of scents, storage, display, heighten appeal and energy. These factors are all blended into one flawless space that welcomes you and others.

A created space can evolve in the hands of an accomplished interior designer just as a sculptor who molds and shapes a piece of clay. The materials are there, but the work takes time and consideration to develop and ultimately life is injected into the work. In a space, the time and consideration goes beyond taking measurements, finding paints chips to match and displaying your possessions. The different levels are processed by a professional and integrated as a whole and not just as fragmented sections or an after thought. It is seamless and a process of meticulous integration. The space can look like it has been duplicated, or it can be created. By duplicating you follow what you see by using several related pieces and accessories, leaving incomplete interpretations or flaws along the way. When a space is created, there is an orchestration on so many levels that includes not only creativity, but art and science as well.

The created space should ultimately reflect what you want to feel and project. A created room is felt and not explained. It should be conducive to your needs and wants and portray what you want it to feel and express. In other words, if you have a space for entertaining it should have every detail to convey a welcoming feel and comfort. That concept transcends into many levels and it is not just created by placing two cushy sofas in the space. The levels of lighting, sound, placements of accessories and many other factors inject the soul into concept.

People fall into either the duplicating or creating. One is a copy and the other is your own signature and style with a method behind it. You can spend a fortune duplicating and never achieve your goal and vision. In creating, just like with fashion, you can buy endless amounts of clothing and have a collection of unnecessary items in your closet or you can be selective with a good selection of items that can become your own unique style or vision that follows the principals of design. In the end, it is about the power of layering and the help of a talented. creative and educated interior designer that can help you project your own statement and unique vision. In the long run an economical choice that will provide years enjoyment and pleasure.

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