Defining Good Taste

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what is good taste and how do you define it? When is it too much or over the top? Too gaudy or gimmicky? The truth is we all have our vision of what appeals to us. Some people are perfectly fine with a minimal approach and others hoard everything there is possible. Some people don't have a clue what to include in their environment and take note of a seating arrangement, a table for perhaps eating and a bed for sleeping and they are done and content with that.

But for some, there is a vision of creating an atmosphere that evokes a place where you can find function, beauty and balance, creating a place that emits a sense of appeal not only to the individual that dwells there, but also to the ones who also visit. But what is important? Should you really care?

Dwellings and spaces have evolved and have become more than just shelter and protection from the elements. We have come a long way from just setting up a place for our basic needs, to having it become an extension of who we are and what we want people to understand about us. What is there to understand? Well, some people need to express their status perhaps, creativity or influence in developing what is their space or environment.

Regardless of what you envision or need to express or just gather for functional components, in order to call it a room or whatever, a clear balance is needed for making a space work. We all need our creature comforts such as good lighting, comfortable temperatures, storage, seating, etc. But where does one define good taste? And do you understand what good taste is? Well, your good taste might be just awful to someone else. The knowledge you have could come from an integrated exposure to quality and fine things to garbage you find on the street.

How do you build a foundation for good taste? Take your five senses and examine the basic needs of your space. Does it feel good to the touch? Are you surrounded by too many hard edges or too many soft elements? How is the sound quality in the space? Is it noisy or too quiet? Does it smell good? Are cooking odors lingering? Can you see properly in the space, etc.? The basic elements are critical for the best outcome in your space. After all this is noted, good taste can be the bridge that can strike a balance. How is that achieved? Some of us have a natural ability to create it and some of us need help.

Good taste is very personal and we all have our opinion of what that is. What might be cute to someone, might be horrendous to someone else. There are so many opinions, trends, styles, influences, etc., that it is hard to pin down. But when it comes to defining good taste, think of what you feel is an expression and extension of yourself. Your imagine and your style defines you and your space is part of that factor. If you are comfortable with your imagine, then good taste will be your own sense of what is and ultimately be appreciated by the eye of the beholder.

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