Feng Shui for a New Year

In creating an optimal living or working environment, key elements of organization, placement and practices are key to maintaining and creating the ability to live in an ideal space. Here are certain easy tips and low cost solutions you can do to create positive vibrations in your life.

Clean up your act

Cleaning your environment should be done as soon as you feel there is a need for renewed energy and needed vitality. Symbolically the New Year is a good time as well as in the spring, but there is no need to wait. Create and regenerate new energy whenever the feeling strikes you and your space feels off and not conducive to your goals.

For example, the kitchen should project a need to prepare and cook in order to nourish your body which is essential for your over-all well being. Even if you don’t cook, keep healthy items on hand and make sure the items are fresh. Start by cleaning out your refrigerator, making sure to restock and replenish with wholesome foods. Clear out your pantry and reevaluate your current purchases if they are paring up with your diet and healthy goals. Are spices and ingredients fresh and plentiful to add to your meals and create exceptional dishes or do you have mindful healthy snacks to nourish your body.

Every room should reflect and feel like it is what it's for and provide the function and purpose for that space and provide benefits that ultimately help you.

In general

The number 3 in feng shui represents growth and creativity. To add to the power of the number 3, square the number and use it to enhance the energy in a space. Give away 27 items and envision new things coming in or move 27 items around the space such as furniture if possible, kick knacks or other decorative items and set the intention for good luck and positive changes. Remember to organize in threes and keep your organization simple.


Clean out the energy by smudging. Be mindful of your intent as you begin to clear your space. When you ignite your smudging medium, light a small candle as well. Start clockwise and walk around each and every room using the same clockwise formation. Walk around with incense, a palo alto stick or sage and ask for the negative energies to be cleared and to bring in new and positive vibrations. When you have smudged all areas of your house, come back to where you started and gently extinguish your smudging medium in a fireproof bowl filled with some sand. You can continue to burn your candle in a safe place allowing it to extinguish itself to continue the healing vibration process.

Be grateful everyday

Count your blessings every day. Be grateful and acknowledge the good and positive things in your life. The simple basic things can be appreciated and bring on more blessings. Take stock of what you have, even the simple things as a roof over your head, clean sheets on your bed, a job, supportive family and friends are worth recognizing and taking notice of in your life journey.

New Year and the color orange

Oranges and the orange color is considered lucky in feng shui, symbolically representing the sun and prosperity. Add a touch of the color orange or use oranges in your kitchen or dining space, in groupings of 3, 6 or 9.

This color and grouping symbolizes life force and positive energy, generating health and abundance we all hope for.

Sea salt your space

Sprinkle sea salt around the interior perimeter of your home or space and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Vacuum it up and symbolically profess words or affirmations to improve or get rid of negative influences. Envision positive feelings, happier and prosperous visions in your life. As you get rid of the salt from your vacuum cleaner, you are eliminating any challenges or bad influences in your space or environment. After the 24 hour period and vacuuming, throw the vacuum bag into an outdoor garbage can.

The sea salt cleansing process can be used around the outside perimeter of your space as well, using the same symbolic affirmations. Obviously the salt will not be vacuumed up but it will be absorbed into the earth or washed away taking away and neutralizing any negative energy.

New garments and weight loss

Get rid of 27 things from your closet that have not been used in over a year by donating or selling them. Project your vision of losing weight and a healthier you. Replace the old items with new purchases that will reflect the image you are envisioning. Lightening up and clearing old things will help make room for new energies and will set the stage for your new vision.

Clean out your wallet and purse or briefcase

Get rid of junk that accumulates in your personal belongings. We are all guilty of old receipts, handouts, wrappers, etc. that are carried around in our personal belongings. Organize and freshen up these items to generate a lighter feeling and positive vibrations and make room for new and purposeful items.

Wear a new perfume or cologne fragrance

Try out a new scent that is the current with the energy you want to project. Are you looking for love, more money or better health? Look into natural scents such as essential oils and even create your own scents to generate the vibration you are looking for.

It is up to you

Simple and positive intentions can add to generating new things into your life. Be mindful, think positive and project as you clean out, declutter, organize and buy, projecting new intentions for a new year.

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