Feng Shui for the Baby’s Nursery

Welcoming a new baby or babies if you had more than one like me is a delightful and beautiful experience. Having all the things in place is essential for a happy and stress free experience.

A room that is well designed and balanced requires careful planning and consideration. Using the feng shui philosophy will provide a well-designed room that will benefit your baby as they grow. Not only do you want it to be appealing, but providing comfort and healthy choices are a must.

Good energy will help a baby grow, sleep better, play and promote overall well-being. As people we are very sensitive to energy around us and a baby who is new to the world is even more inclined to react and be susceptible to harsh energy.

Do use good judgement and do not overload the nursery with items. Start off with the basics and do find items that are free from harsh chemicals and are not treated with toxic finishes. Look for natural bedding, woods and non-toxic paints.

In selecting colors don’t just use pink or blue, consider other colors and focus on muted and softness which will provide soothing vibes in the room. Do not overload the baby’s senses with harsh and bright colors.

Check the lighting in the room and make sure there is enough natural light and ambient soft lighting. Never use florescent lighting. Make sure natural light can be controlled by using good blinds, shades or curtains. Keep the baby’s crib away from the doorway, the middle of the room or under a window. And do not have electrical sources next to the crib.

Good ventilation and natural oils such as Young Living Oils in a diffuser are a plus. Soft music is always a good addition in a nursery. Do not overlook classical soft lullabies to help your baby fall asleep and buffer outside noises.

There is so much to consider, but sticking to natural, soft colors and practical basic items are the best choices and will provide a special retreat and environment a baby will flourish in for years to come.

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