Feng Shui Your Closet and Wardrobe

Out with the old, in with the new and when it comes to clothing, it is very important to weed out and be selective with your closet and wardrobe.

It's good Feng Shui to transform your wardrobe by giving your closet a good cleaning and letting go of clothing you no longer need. For example, ill-fitting shoes that cause pain, the pants that are too baggy, and the tops that are out of style, worn or stained should be eliminated. And if you have not worn items more than a year, they should go!

When clothing brings you stress, such as clothing that does not fit can bring negative energy about being overweight and you stay holding on to that mind set of being overweight and the challenges. Get rid of the clothing and if it is in good shape, donate it. Let go and allow space for new things to come in.

Chances are you only wear a small percentage of your clothing anyway and space can be freed up using an objective eye and criteria by selecting clothing that uses natural fibers, are well sewn and interchangeable, mixing and creating endless looks. Become informed with what shapes and colors work with your complexion and consider the image and lifestyle you live and want to project.

Never buy anything that is purchased because it is on sale or the latest trend. Buy only what you need and fits in with what you have. Less is more when it comes to your wardrobe. Think of a capsule wardrobe and update with the latest accessories. Don’t buy trends exclusively and if they are purchased do not invest too much money in them because they will go out of style quickly. Invest in classic styles and in good quality garments. They will transcend time and help you save money.

So declutter, donate and keep your closet fresh with things that fit, bring you joy and provide many opportunities to mix and match. Don’t hang on to things that bring you stress and are stuck in the past. Live in your current reality; create energy that is in the now.

As your get rid of things that no longer serve you do visit this highly recommended beautiful boutique -

Dressed To The Nines

1701 Legacy Drive, Ste 180

Frisco, TX 75034


Kathy Young owns and runs this beautiful shop and helps women look and feel their best. She provides free fashion consulting while you shop.

Places visit her website: www.dressedtothenines.net

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