Table Setting for the Holidays

Bring out the fine china and your silverware and treat yourself to the simple pleasures. Even humble servings of nourishment will look extraordinary if served with style. A beautiful set table will stage an eventful event for you and your guests. A theme, color scheme or concept will kick off an endless assortment of ideas.

If your budget does not allow for an elaborate table setting, pick and choose what you do have and perhaps use a beautiful table cloth, bedspread or curtains. Use complimentary flowers or decorative accessories that match the concept or theme. Use your imagination to make your table setting look special and make guests feel welcomed.

For Thanksgiving and Christmas add scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and lemon to the space. Provide soft lighting and use candles, dig up candle holders, crystals and stones to spread on the table and add complimentary soft background music that will allow you and your guests to engage in conversations. A little time and special details evoke a sense of celebration and set the stage for you to enjoy those simple pleasures.

Take time to focus on a special occasion and follow a theme or a concept regardless of your budget. Memories of happy and festive moments will be remembered for a long time with some effort and doable on any budget.

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