The Beauty of Art

Hanging a pretty picture goes beyond what is contrived as a must for anyone who wants to occupy and cover wall space. For those who are lucky enough to hang works of art and collect, they know the feeling of the power of collecting something that provides visual pleasure, inspiration and status.

Too much of a good thing can over load the senses and be counterproductive as well. Be mindful in selecting artwork. It should bring about joy and hours of contemplating pleasure. If you have the means to collect art, it is more of buying art to display your collection and not the concept of matching it with your décor. Although your acquisition of art can be displayed as a collection without making it decorative, it is your choice and at times featuring a piece that “fits’ well into a space provides an opportunity to display and highlight the work of art to a greater level.

The space can take on the essence of the art piece providing the ultimate experience of appreciation. The surroundings can take on a feeling or mood to heighten all of the senses. Careful consideration should be given to what is selected and its placement. The feeling and mood will be constant and it should not take over or overwhelm the senses. Selecting something that projects what you want to feel in the space is important and something you can live with and never get tired of.

Be mindful when selecting art and its placement. Whether it is collecting or focusing on just one piece. It should provide pleasure that engulfs all of the senses and projects a feeling or a mood you want to experience.

Featured Artists – Lyn & Randy, Sedlak-Ford: website -

Specializing in connecting the viewer and the space.

“Our environment continually influences how we think and feel. Using my professional background in psychology and my studies in feng shui, I have developed skills to create site specific work that harmoniously ties together art, viewer and space. Lyn & Randy

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