Feng Shui Dieting Focuses on Quality Foods and not Dieting

Feng Shui is the art and science of external and internal factors that generate positive energy, and that positive energy can certainly relate to the food you eat. I want to share a story that made me realize how most of us have a sad relationship when it comes to food and eating.

I spoke to dear friend of mine who I had not spoken to in a while and we talked about everything. But at the point she was going over her health issues I asked her about her diet. I was sensing she was not eating well. It hit me I have had the same philosophy for the longest time. When she told me she had quit her diet while visiting family and had to begin dieting again. Diet after diet in an attempt to lose weight, we do not focus on eating and getting healthy, but just eating to lose weight and this is the trap my friend was stuck in.

Let’s face it in America; we follow one fad diet after another. But the secret which is no secret at all is we need to eat better. The best example of healthy eating is that of the Mediterranean region. Fresh produce, whole grains, olive oil, fish, lean meats and very little sugar is eaten.

Training the palate to savor fresh and wholesome foods is key, and your body will thank you for it. Processed and fast foods, sodas, artificial sweeteners and sugar keep you overweight and unhealthy. It is cheap, artificial and ordinary. Taking time to create dishes made from wholesome ingredients can take you to another level of well-being and will promote a healthier lifestyle without going crazy counting calories.

A body that is fed nutritious food will receive what it needs and will not always feel hungry because eating empty calories fills your stomach up and does not nourish your body.

Here are some tips that can help you along to your ideal weight and feeling healthier –

  1. Switch to blue plates to slow down your eating. Blue represents the water element and slows down your pulse and calms the senses.

  2. Keep a clean kitchen, clutter promotes more eating.

  3. Clear your closets of old clothes that do not fit you or that are worn and outdated. Make room for new things as you shed the pounds and envision a healthier image.

  4. Eat at a table that is set for eating. Place fresh flowers, pretty dishes, etc., do not sit in front of your computer or television. Forget your cell phone as well.

  5. Walk; swim, make time to be active whenever possible.

  6. Purchase a full length mirror to see what you really look like. A lot of people only look at themselves from the waist up when they get ready. The world sees all of you and you should see what they’re seeing.

I hope this information helps and remember it is not so much how much food you eat, but what kind of food you are eating.

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