High and Low Ceilings and Feng Shui Energy

Ceilings vary in height. Most people feel comfortable with a ceiling height that is about 8 to 10 feet tall. The space or room can be greatly affected by ceiling heights. Too low, the room might feel closed in and heavy, too high the room will feel less intimate and cold. Not to mention tall ceilings require more heat or cooling, are harder to maintain, and more costly to build initially and might feel like wasted space. They are beautiful to look at and live in, but can have its drawbacks.

Remedies for low ceilings – Paint the ceiling white or in a light pastel color. Illuminate with lights that project upward. Use bright and light colors, and use reflective surfaces such as mirrors to bounce off light. Furniture that is low in profile will balance the height and make the ceiling appear taller. A room with a lower ceiling is best for a bedroom or office providing more Yin energy for relaxation and concentration.

Remedies for high ceilings – A strong definition across the room through the use of paintings, wainscoting, and wallpapering, stenciling, shelving or darker ceiling paint can provide a visual cut off point that helps to create a lower perception of the ceiling height in the space. Use taller and larger pieces of furniture. Darker colors are best suited for the space. Taller ceilings provide a feeling of grandeur and are used more in public spaces where people circulate and explore. A room with a tall ceiling is more Yang and promotes a less intimate and faster energy.

Whatever your ceiling height, there are solutions to remedy the perception of the space. Look around and recognize the initial feeling. Consider if the feeling matches what you plan to use the space for. You can change the feeling, perception or mood of the ceiling height in a space and make it work for you.

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