Psychometry and Design


Psychic energy can be found in everything from furniture, letters, photos, jewelry, property, rocks, food, etc. Energy collects where people or living things spend time and create patterns. For example, a person who has a wedding ring and has worn it for a long time and has a led an unhappy married life, the ring can emit the negative energy of that person. Wearing their ring can cause malaise to a person who is sensitive.

It is important to analyze how an object or a place makes you feel. There is good and negative energy. Recognize on how something makes you feel. Tune in to the energy of anything you pick up to buy, collect or store or perhaps want to live in. Inherited items have the feelings of obligation and responsibility as well

The latent energies, especially if negative will affect highly sensitive people. If it does not feel right, do not buy it or live in it. Past energetic resonances of the prior owner are always present and there are ways to clear and free negative energy of objects and places. Sometimes the energy will not be felt until you own it for a while or live in it.

The aura of the object or space can be cleared and highly recommended. For example, there are people who specialize in house clearings and can help to clear the environment. In addition, simple procedures can be done by you to improve the energy such as opening windows routinely to let the air in and sunshine, washing and scrubbing the object or space, diffusing lemon oil such as Young Living oils helps to remove stagnant energy in a space, using crystals to absorb energy, placing objects in the moonlight, clearing with sea salt, prayers and sagging.

Tune in and observe how you feel when wearing or near an object or how you feel when walking into a space. You can either take it or leave it. Remember there are ways to cleanse and remove the old psychic energies and make it a piece or a place to enjoy and feel good about. Things should not only look good, but also feel good as well.

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