The Sounds in Your Environment

In feng shui the general idea is to create harmony and balance. One way to create harmony and balance is through sound. Sound has the ability to heal and be a positive influence in your home or work environment. Sound can also cause negative reactions and can drain our well-being. Noises such as the humming of a refrigerator, the air conditioner, traffic noises, etc., many times go unnoticed and are bad for our health.

Removal of these noises is sometimes practical and sometimes we cannot remove these annoyances. You can reduce the adverse effects by using what is known as white noise. Uplifting or tranquil music or nature sounds help to balance the energy. Recordings of a water stream, birds chirping or rainfall can help to absorb negative energy.

In homes that have a lot of hard surfaces, sounds are amplified and can be toned down by adding fabrics, soft cushions and area rugs. Take time when decorating your space to incorporate a happy medium between hard and soft surfaces and decorative items, in order to benefit from the white noise energy you are trying to establish. Become aware of negative and positive noise factors is in your space and the allocation of your rooms.

Another way to help generate positive energy is through the use of wind chimes. Wind chimes can create energy shifts by moderating the energy flow. It dissipates the negative sound vibrations and generates positive sounds conducive to your well-being.

Overall, when considering modifications in your space, a simple and inexpensive additions can enhance and provide a better opportunity to live in a positive and healthy environment. Observe and do check for negative sounds that can drain and deplete your health and energy.

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