Feng Shui and Flowers

Flowers speak a universal language. Many cultures associate flowers to different things and meanings. But in general, flowers evoke beauty and provide visual pleasure to many as well as healing.

In feng shui, live flowers are the best choice in providing good energy or Chi. Flowers are beneficial for healing the body, mind and soul.

In some cultures, bathing and soaking in flowers is recommended to clear the aura and restore energy.

In a home, besides the beauty they instill, flowers bring good luck and blessings. Colors, numbers and the type of flower are used symbolically for remedies and specific applications.

Here are some of the most popular flowers and their remedies:

Lotus. The lotus flower is the symbol of perfection. The flower generates from the mud. The lotus plant in Chinese medicine uses everything from the roots, to the petals as medicinal remedies. The flower has been used to promote health and vitality.

Cherry Blossoms. The cherry blossom is used for love and marriage remedies, but can also be used as a feng shui cure for health. The blossoming flowers of cherry, or other similar trees, have been used to bring the energy of new beginnings.

Orchid. The orchid is considered a classical feng shui symbol of fertility, perfection, abundance, beauty and purity. It adds an aura of heavenly qualities to the environment.

Narcissus. It is used as a feng shui career cure, believed to help hard working individuals accomplish their goals.

Chrysanthemum. The feng shui symbol of a chrysanthemum flower is noted for balance and has strong yang energy. Good luck is enhanced with this flower.

There are many choices and different remedies that can be accomplished with flowers. Even a painting of a flower can generate positive energy and good intentions. Use flowers to stimulate and to create good chi in your home and environments, while also enjoying their beauty.

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