Where is the Focal Point?

Upon a recent out of state visit to family and friends, I noticed many spaces lacked a focal point. The main point of interest in a room or space is your focal point. The best way in designing a room is to begin with a focal point. As you enter a space your eye should be drawn to what anchors the space. Some focal points include fireplaces, artwork, a substantial piece of furniture, a large mirror, a wall painted a different color, etc. In a bedroom for example, generally the bed would be considered the focal point as you enter the room.

Because focal points add visual weight, the items around the focal point must be placed so it balances the weight and compliments the décor. Besides the focal point, other areas of interest should be established, but on a more subtle scale.

The person notices the mood or feels what is being featured as the main element in a space. The focal point is expected to carry out specific functions or activities. There should not be any confusion what is the dominate statement in a room.

Check your space or room. Can you see as you walk in an important anchor or statement and does it help you to understand the function or activity in the space? Does it have weight? Remember there can be several featured areas which compliments and stems to the main feature which is your focal point.

A room without a focal point will lack a statement, direction, unity and flow.

Take time to walk through and imagine yourself as the person who is visiting and experiencing your spaces. What is it that you want them to experience as they first walk in, as they sit down, or walk down a hallway or sit in the backyard? Anchor, add weight and focus on one big statement for each room or space and within each space there should be other smaller areas of interests as well.

#interiors #decorating #spaceplanning

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