A Life Worth Living

“Stop and smell the roses” may be a cliché but research suggests this is an important factor in life. Taking time to enjoy and finding beauty even in the simple things can affect our overall happiness. Some people value what they have, spend time contemplating nature and are grateful for their blessings and their relationships with others.

Everyday should count and time should not reserved for just the weekend or for your so-called vacation when it comes up. Pamper yourself now and always. Make everyday count!

I like to observe how a client lives before I make suggestions. I become very critical in digging and prying what they are lacking and help them acquire what is missing for the best life possible on a daily basis.

Here are some simple ways I stop and smell the roses - I include music in my daily routine, be it at work, home or at play. I take time to be out in nature, I love to observe the birds that feed in my backyard. I use essential oils to stimulate the senses such as a citrus blend from Young Living Oils that helps me wake me up in the morning, along with a strong cup of coffee that I brew in my Italian percolator. Throughout the day as I work, I try to learn something new of interest, catch up with friends, try to eat healthy, write in my journal and thank God for all of my blessings.

If life becomes a rut, change it up and try to remove what no longer works for you and make your life feel beautiful. Nourish your relationships with love and compassion, mend and heal or ask for forgiveness if needed. Learn from your mistakes and experiences and be good to yourself always. Even a small indulgence can be rewarding.

Life has its challenges, we need to work and make money to pay bills and expenses, deal with difficult situations and obligations, but do take time to stop and smell the roses. You will be happier, healthier and more satisfied when you honor yourself and live life daily in a more satisfying manner.

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