2017 Decorating Spring Colors

Interior Design

A home or office can be spruced up with these Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year:
Color Trend: Serenity Blue. Evokes peace, serenity and can be used liberally on walls, furnishings and accessories.

Color Trend: Coral. A few color accessories in this dramatic color will provide a pop of freshness and vitality.

Color Trend: Zesty Yellow. A pop of yellow accessories
will generate a healthy dose of creativity, energy and clarity.

Color Trend: Magenta + Gold. A whimsical color combination that can be used to accent a table settings, floral arrangements and cake decorating.

Additional Color Trends: Blush, Grey, Cobalt Blue, White, Buttercup Yellow and Jewel Tones.
The sky’s the limit. Enjoy, be creative and color your world with endless possibilities.

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